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Excellence in Indigenous Research, Strategic Planning & Policy

Are you frustrated with the time that it takes for planning, policy and research? These are not simple tasks and often by the time you have put time into these areas the environment may have changed. The daily work does not stop – so bring in a specialist it will save you time and your money to get it done as efficiently as possible and with the highest possible standards.

  • Expertise in strategic planning and community engagement. Defining vision, mission statement, and short/medium/long term goals.
  • Excellence in policy analysis, briefing notes and papers with a specializations in Indigenous women, children & youth; trafficking in persons; Indigenous statistics; economic development; land use management; education; employment & training; and Bill C-92 Indigenous child welfare.
  • The ability to undertake complex research projects, research proposals, develop research teams, undertake qualitative research interviews, analyze large amounts of information through NVivo.

Effective & Timely Facilitation

Hosting takes a lot of extra time from the occasional conference or forum, to your Annual General Meeting and Board Meetings, perhaps you have not been able to gather all of the insight from your Board or Membership and need an extra hand to get it done.

  • Experienced with the use of various facilitation techniques such as Open Space, World Cafe, SWOT/SOAR analysis.
  • Chairing meetings with Indigenous people including Opening Prayers, Territorial Acknowledgements, Circle Methodology, Roundtables, Rapporteuring, and Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Keynote addresses, MC’ing and Co-Hosting

Indigenous Relations & Community Engagement

Consultation, accommodation, free, prior and informed consent have changed the landscape in working with Indigenous populations from right of way, resource projects, environmental impacts that require cross-cultural sensitivity that you want to start off right, or jeopardize your go forward strategy. Indigenous communities today are highly functioning, but function differently, many are politically savvy so this is not an area to walk into without expertise and general know how.

  • Experience with working with Indigenous communities from across Turtle Island including what is now known as Canada and the USA.
  • Know how to develop Memorandums of Understanding, Mutual Benefit Agreements, and Impact Benefit Agreements.
  • In-depth understanding of the complex Indigenous political environment, culture and history in British Columbia and ever changing requirements for consultation.
  • Ability to develop engagement plans, strategies, and see them to completion.
  • Ability to work with you or your organization on understanding Indigenous History, Culture, and Issues from a one day Indigenization Workshop to developing a weekly workshop.

Project Managment

From the small one time project such as developing a proposal or program; curriculum development; to the ability to start a not for profit or charity from scratch get the assistance you need from start to finish. With experience working as a senior executive in the non-profit sector, Director and Manager in the public sector in government and in educational institutes I know what funders are looking for, strategic objectives, performance indicators and management, terms and conditions, project evaluation and risk assessment.

  • Successfully developed millions of dollars worth of proposals. Proposal development, research and writing.
  • Developing timelines and action plans for programs to get them going.
  • Performance management, indicators, and assessment are now requirements in the program and project lifecycle.

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