Cheryl Matthew

Reciprocity and working with marginalized Indigenous populations

A tip for today on working with Indigenous people. Don’t expect free work. I hear all the time from colleagues in many industries, but in particular in the arts, they often get asked to perform for free. Also a consultant being asked to do extra work beyond what they were contracted for until a bunch of it is free. That quick call for advise should be paid for in some way or an exchange of services.

For overburdened and marginalized populations it is highly disrespectful to not value the work of Indigenous people. In particular Indigenous women and students. Think about the time it takes them to travel somewhere, to get babysitting, pay for parking, drop off kids, develop and promo their work, even a small honorarium if your project isn’t well funded.

Volunteering on Boards is one thing, just remember to show appreciation when you can even verbally – it goes a long way.

Be kind, be respectful and compensate others fairly for their work and their time to ensure positive relations.

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