Cheryl Matthew

Tips for Working with Indigenous Groups During COVID-19

1. Call the local band office first before meeting as some First Nations are closing communities to visitors.

2. Try to reschedule face-to-face meetings to Zoom, Skype or conference call and remember many First Nations don’t have high speed internet and limited cellular phone service so be flexible.

3. If you must meet in person limit the number of people travelling and ask if the community needs anything that you could bring, especially if they are remote or rural.

4. Consider sending care packages to rural and remote First Nation communities with food staples, medicine, vitamins or other needed supplies for Elder’s and families in need.

5. If you work with Indigenous communities, and are partners call your contacts there and see if there is anything you can do, anything that is needed or how you can help, don’t wait for them to ask for help, most are proud Nations and will not ask.

6. Remember some rural and remote communities it is expensive to get fresh foods and vegetables, and for shipping so there may be food shortages already.

7. Many First Nations already live in poverty, have health issues, so could be hit twice as hard by COVID-19.

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