Cheryl Matthew

Do #RECONCILIACTION today, like now, asap…

I’m going to be taking some law courses and take more time to advocate for things that just aren’t right for Indigenous women in the world. Reconciliation and fighting to be heard, to be understood, to be equal or better yet as the sacred hoop and lifegivers, for dignity, for the children, because the truth of the matter is Indigenous women bear burden of the triple work day – actually at paid work, at home for the unpaid work, in our communities for volunteer work meanwhile earning half of what other professionals of a different gender/age/race make. We are criticized as complainers if we actually say something about it, this bizarre notion that we grew up with that we don’t “make trouble” and we keep “secrets” to protect others who have mistreated us and others at the personal, territorial, and international level – and we have to stay silent. No we shouldn’t stay silent that is hegemony talking, that is lateral violence. Instead of getting closer to developing more understanding and “tolerance” (although I dislike that word) we seem to be getting farther away from Indigenous personal safety, cultural safety, societal safety, sexual safety, parental safety, professional safety, emotional safety, spiritual safety, financial safety, environmental safety, educational safety, child safety instead of – – fill in the blank __________security.

Reconciliation and respect happens between us as people, Nations, communities and it means that these inequities, injustices, must be named, recognized, and changed. So stop talking and theorizing about it #doreconciliation #bereconciliation #makereconciliation #tryreconciliaton #feelReconciliation TODAY and every day.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable in any way that is #Reconciliation and you need to sit with that teaching and reflect on why and what you can do to #RECONCILIACTION it today. And if you feel like it tell me about it, or tell someone.

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