Cheryl Matthew


Meet Your Candidate for Vancouver East

Dr. Cheryl Matthew

Dr. Cheryl Matthew (Simpcw First Nation) is a change-maker who works to end inequity and discrimination and to create cross-cultural understanding between diverse communities in Canada. She is an accomplished not-for-profit executive, public servant, consultant, a sometimes gardener, but most importantly she is a single working Mom. Cheryl has a long history of community involvement, advocacy, and leadership in Vancouver East, regionally and nationally.


After moving to Ottawa in 2007 to work with the federal government and selling her condo on Commercial Drive she returned in 2012 to find she was priced out of the market; gentrification had overtaken the neighbourhood, tent cities had grown, and most people couldn’t afford to live there any longer. Cheryl was challenged as a working Mom, professional, full-time PhD student, with three children, limited housing options, long commutes, and barely able to stretch her paycheque to cover housing, daycare, food and transportation. With an indomitable spirit Cheryl has met every challenge head on and still makes time to volunteer and work towards changing the world. All of these challenges spurred Cheryl on to volunteer for the BC Greens in the last election, submit policy on MMIWG, and run in Van-East to work toward an equitable, safer, affordable, and greener Canada for families.


Cheryl spent twelve years as a manager and senior policy analyst with the federal government with Service Canada and Indigenous Services Canada. Cheryl has held many Board of Director positions including: Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre in the Downtown Eastside, UNYA and CCPA – BC Office. She has PhD in Anthropology from Carleton (2017), an MA in Leadership from Royal Roads (2007), and a BA from SFU in Anthropology and Sociology (2004).

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  • Ecological Wisdom

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  • Participatory Democracy

  • Nonviolence

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